Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Game #1

FSA - Game #1FSA - Game #1FSA - Game #1FSA - Game #1FSA - Game #1FSA - Game #1
FSA - Game #1FSA - Game #1FSA - Game #1FSA - Game #1FSA - Game #1FSA - Game #1
FSA - Game #1FSA - Game #1FSA - Game #1FSA - Game #1FSA - Game #1FSA - Game #1
FSA - Game #1FSA - Game #1

Game #1, a set on Flickr.

Welcome to Costa Rica.. FSA girls!

Game in Liberia

The FSA Girls U-19 team played their fourth game against Equipo de fĂștbol femenino del CCDR Liberia girls U-19 team. The FSA girls were anxious to get on the field but were focused and ready to play. This would be the final game of their 2011 soccer tour in Costa Rica. They had a 1-2 record going into the match. FSA was determined to go home with 2 & 2 record. A heavy downpour ending minutes before the start of the game saturated the field. The grass field conditions made it difficult for either team to really form a dangerous attack early on.

Despite the conditions, the FSA girls were first to score! Off a corner kick from Cindy C. finding Lauren K. in the box who finished with a spectacular header into the upper 90 far post! The girls were so excited that the entire team charged the FSA bench and slid belly first about 10 feet because of the wet grass! It was a great goal and an even better celebration by the away team.

The Futbol femenino Liberia team would not give up though. They were relentless after FSA took a one goal lead. Both teams were very evenly matched. Jacklyn G. was brilliant in goal with diving saves and a few break-away stops. The girls from Liberia were able to put in the equalizer in the second half. The game ended in a 1-1 draw but both teams battled it out to the finish. Residents from the neighborhood filled the stadium to watch these two teams compete under the lights and gave a standing ovation for both teams after the game.

Photos of this game will most likely be posted upon our return this Thursday.

Training Session at Saprissa Stadium

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FSA Training Session in CRFSA Training Session in CRFSA Training Session in CRFSA Training Session in CRKneip Pictures CRC 2011 028Kneip Pictures CRC 2011 029
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We had an intense training session in the same stadium Bobby grew up playing in on Day 1!! Very exciting!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 6

We have hundreds of game photos but loading them all takes a lot of time. We are about to Depart for Guanacaste Papagayo which is about a 4.5 hour bus drive from the Arenal area. I am going to try to use Jorge’s laptop on bus because my battery is broken and I need to recharge my laptop. I’ll have to upload photos which will take bout an hour or two because there are about qty. 1500. Jorge has some game photos which I will try and upload on the bus ride this morning also and the rest at the hotel tonight. I have been trying to upload photos during the past two days but the hotel in Arenal only has connection at the opposite side of the property and its pitch black with a small light.  

More photos and commentary to follow soon…


Game in Ciudad Quesada

The FSA Girls U-19 team had their third game against San Carlos Girls U-19 team yesterday afternoon. FSA had an incredible game but came up short. They lost 1-0 but had a lot of opportunities they just couldn’t finish. The chemistry between all the FSA girls has really reached a new level both on and off the field during this tour. The entire team played with a lot of heart and determination (I think they were all inspired by the US Women’s National team’s victory over Brazil in the WWC). Lauren L. received a red card for plowing over the keeper and FSA played a girl down for most of the game. Julie F. played most of game with tears down her face due to pain with her knee and ankle but she battled through it and had a strong game (she wouldn’t come off the field!). Jacklyn G’s. foot has been sore but she’s feeling much better today after the game.

Saturday, July 9, 2011